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From: Armistead, Jason <>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 21:03:00 -0500

Hi Yee

Read the Release notes for 1.1.x servers (doc/Release-Notes-1.1.txt).
It contains a good description of the redirector function there. By
induction, you can begin to understand why a redirect module is
required..... See also the squid.conf file for how to configure it.

As to why you'd need a redirector:

a) To block banned sites, sending users to a local URL instead.
b) To prevent caching of identical well-known IP address sites and DNS
FQDN sites, which are really the same server, particularly useful if not
all the operation is running DNS.
c) To do tricky things without having to modify Squid source code
d) To block bandwidth wasting animated GIF ads and replace them with
your local site-specific adds instead, thus saving upstream BW which is
generally expensive, and preventing filling your cache with all sorts of
junky GIF images.

Cheers and happy Squidding

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> From: Yee Man Chan[]
> Sent: Tuesday, 3 March 1998 8:22
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> Subject: redirect
> Hi,
> What is a redirector? Why do we need a redirect module
> (redirect.c) in Squid? Can anyone explain it to me?
> Thanks.
> a squid beginner
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