Transparant proxying on squid; Features????

From: Andre van der Lans <>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 08:36:49 +0100 (MET)

Buenos Dias,

I'm doing a little study on transparant proxying and I was wondering if it's
possable to use Squid as a transparant proxy? Looking at messages on the
mailinglist I would say that it's possable but to things are sometimes
misunderstood. When I say the proxy must be transparant, it means that no
special configuration is needed in the client browser, but some vendors
definition of transparancy is that another cache can be added whithout the
client noticed it. I've read some documentation about the Cisco Cache Engine
and the Sun Proxy server both can be implemented in a transparant proxy
service. We are currently using squid, and I was wondering how squid can fit in
a transparant service.

So here are my burning questions about transparant proxying with squid:
- Can i make Squid transparant to both the users/client and content servers. Or
will this feature fitt in a later release.
- Load balancing, can this be done?
- Support for service fail-over, is this possable with squid?
- Is Squid easy scalable?

Can I use 10 proxy servers in a parant hiearchie? or do I have to configure 2
parant proxy with 8 sliblings? which causes performance.

Kind regards, Andre
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