Re: Transparant proxying on squid; Features????

From: A.Saeed <>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 18:31:50 +0500 (PKT)

Read the FAQ at the website of
in which there is quite clear description of Transparent Proxy.


On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Andre van der Lans wrote:

> Buenos Dias,
> I'm doing a little study on transparant proxying and I was wondering if it's
> possable to use Squid as a transparant proxy? Looking at messages on the
> mailinglist I would say that it's possable but to things are sometimes
> misunderstood. When I say the proxy must be transparant, it means that no
> special configuration is needed in the client browser, but some vendors
> definition of transparancy is that another cache can be added whithout the
> client noticed it. I've read some documentation about the Cisco Cache Engine
> and the Sun Proxy server both can be implemented in a transparant proxy
> service. We are currently using squid, and I was wondering how squid can fit in
> a transparant service.
> So here are my burning questions about transparant proxying with squid:
> - Can i make Squid transparant to both the users/client and content servers. Or
> will this feature fitt in a later release.
> - Load balancing, can this be done?
> - Support for service fail-over, is this possable with squid?
> - Is Squid easy scalable?
> Can I use 10 proxy servers in a parant hiearchie? or do I have to configure 2
> parant proxy with 8 sliblings? which causes performance.
> Kind regards, Andre
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