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From: Martin Hein <>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 18:49:18 +0100


At my local site, I have the following situation:

   - a LAN hidden from the internet behind a firewall
   - a DMZ inbetween the firewall an our internet access point
   - our local, external WWW-server in this DMZ w/ one physical network
   interface, running two official internet IP addresses


   open the firewall for exactly two official internet IP addresses on a
   dedicated port for http-requests, regardless of the client's official
   internet IP address


   setup a proxy on this WWW-server, converting any other (incoming)
   official internet IP address to one of the official IP addresses of the
   WWW-server, depending on the choosen WWW-server IP-address

So mayby, you can give a helping hand.

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