problem with spaces in urls

From: <>
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 17:26:02 -0500 (EST)


        i'm running squid-1.1.20; my users are trying to go to a url
(it's the result of a query to a library catalog, so i have no control
over what is generated). the url has blanks in it, ie,
indexsrch=au=%7Ftermsrch=%22ROSENBLUH, WOLF%22%7Fentitysq=ROSENBLUH, WOLF%7Fenti
                                      ^ ^

is there a fix for this (converting spaces in to %20)?



Gary J. Rosenblum
Unix Systems Manager / News Manager / Networking Group
New York University
Received on Fri Mar 06 1998 - 14:28:48 MST

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