Re: squid 1.2 beta and internet explorer 4

From: Byron Jones <>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 16:14:01 +0800

:> upon upgrading from squid 1.1.20 to the latest 1.2 beta we've had problems
:> with our internet explorer 4 clients (running on macintoshs only .. we're
:> not running ie4 on pcs).
:> ie4 gets up to 'sending request for <file>' then responds with a *dialog
:> box* that says
:> Attempt to load <url> failed.
:> what a great error message :(
:Oh, yeah. Don't think that because you're on a Mac that you're not prone
:to IE4 brokenness. Are you using a java proxy autoconfig? IE4 doesn't
:support java, despite Microsoft's claim that it does.

nope .. not using java proxy stuff.

:> here's an url that always fails :
:Ugh. I'm sorry, but a ? followed by a / wouldn't work if I wrote a web
:browser too :-)

why not? it's just a parameter to a cgi - there's nothing wrong with
having a "/" in a parameter, so why not as the first character?

:I think that Microsoft suffer from over-parsing when it should be squid's
:or the Web server's problem to sanitize URLs to a certain degree (apart
:from spaces->+ which the browser should do)

so why did it work under squid 1.1 and not 1.2? what's changed?

:> i have no problems accessing this url from netscape, and i had no problems
:> with the older version of squid. i can't downgrade squid because our
:> parent is running 1.2 beta, and i can't run netscape on these machines
:> because it crashes frequently.
:This is a production server????
:I'm sorry, but 1.2beta is for non-production environments, and is nowhere
:near stable enough for production environments. You should really consider
:telling your parent cache to downgrade to something stable like 1.1.20.

i did. here's his reply :

:> you should downgrade to something stable like 1.1.20 :)
:The 1.2 we are running is stable.

can someone, like an author of squid, email him and convince him otherwise,

of course that's not to say that squid isn't stable :) .. i agree that beta
versions should be used on production machines :)

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