Re: AceSwitch 110

From: Gabor Dolla <>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 10:08:50 +0100 (NFT)

> Are you looking at the right product? I'd think what you really want is
> the ACEdirector 1. Depends on whether you just want cache server
> balancing, or if you actually need a gigabit switch. Besides, if you want
> to use the ACEswitch with squid boxes, you'll have to be running Solaris,
> since they only have drivers for their ACEnic (required for use with the
> ACEswitch, as near as I can tell) for NT and Solaris.
> Would anyone be interested in something like the ACEdirector, except not
> quite so high performance and much cheaper? I could build a unit that does
> the same type of job (balance HTTP requests across multiple caches
> transparently ... or web servers for that matter) that could easily handle
> up to, say, 45Mbps, for about $2000 US.

I'm interested.

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