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From: Dancer <>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 22:04:07 +1000

Try starting at, then click on the link marked 'bind'.

Dr. M. A. Murtaza wrote:
> We are using squid on one of the newly configured proxy servers
> ( on Linux ( Its double homed( local
> address being
> dnsserver is running but its not serving the purpose of a domain name
> server. We don't have something like 'named' running on any of the
> machine.

And no. dnsserver isn't a nameserver. It is only a frontend utility.

> Webserver ( / has DNS entry problem.
> Can any one suggest something or where to get HOWTO for DNS/ named.
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Did you read the documentation AND the FAQ?
If not, I'll probably still answer your question, but my patience will
be limited, and you take the risk of sarcasm and ridicule.
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