Re: Banner ad blocker ? Anyone with a good blocklist or better code

From: Lars Marowsky-Bree <>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 19:19:15 +0100

On 1998-03-12T18:46:06,
   Bill Wichers <> said:

> There is some C code for a faster redirector floating around (someone sent
> me a copy a while back).

We use a self-implemented redirector written in perl. We get an avergae
service time of 1ms with a quite impressive block list, so we didn't yet
even consider porting it to C. (The trick is to dynamically build & compile
the sub with the regular expressions at runtime)

It comes with a web based admin interface (PHP), time/weekday/source-IP
based access lists etc.

The source code is non-free and since there virtually are no docs wouldn't
be of much use to anyone - It is just a total of 550 lines of code to
implement this properly anyway. Still it is a marketing argument and if
anything we might make it free for non-commercial use.

The blocklist whoever is free for you all to see. It removes banners,
counters, ads etc. We redirect those with a 302 to "empty.gif" which is just
that - 1 pixel transparent.

You wouldn't believe how fast web pages start to load. On our main proxy,
* is within the top ten of requested sites. Not to mention
the gained privacy.

The raw list of all urls filtered is at - I considered it too
long to be included here.

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