Blacklist project proposal (was Re: Banner ad blocker? Anyone with a good blocklist...)

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Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 10:15:04 +0500 (CHEL)

Good $daytime,

Just a proposal of small squid-related project. As such ideas pop up
at this list from time to time, wouldn't it be better to join efforts
and implement GNU-style database for web filtering. We all know good
products to protect children from adult sites, etc. BUT:

        all of them aren't free
        all of them run under Windoze
        all of them are of little use for production proxy servers
        none of them have open databases

Basic idea is to compile a database of sites we don't want to allow
for whatever reason. These can be split into many categories:

        religious propaganda
        and many more

At the beginning, plaintext lists of sites/URLs/regexps would be

To do:

        1. Blacklist inclusion/removal policy
        2. Distribution technique (patches?)
        3. Software to implement #1 (web interface?)
        4. Plugins for proxy servers to implement filtering
        5. what else?

Anyone interested?


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