Re: squid (1.2) mangles ftp://foo/textfile into a download form

From: George Michaelson <>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 14:49:26 +1000

  It's a side-effect.

Ok. imagine you use this to browse a unpacked C source archive.

as distributed, the current mime_table.h will let you see c and c++
and headers, but not lex, yacc or Makefiles. It wouldn't see an Imake.tmpl
ok, nor pascal or lisp.

You can look at .texinfo but not the resultant .info files.

I realize this is inversion of the current behaviour, but isn't it possible
the current file extension set actually reflects the majority of save-to-disk
instances, and that unknown extensions are more likely to be useful viewed

After all, the shift-click method exists to force any link to a save-to-disk
but there isn't an inverse to force-to-screen, and furthermore the behaviour
of the squid is now inverting that raw browser.

Really, the principle of least-suprise and least-change is to mimic the
browser. Even if this breaks downloads, its consistent! And shift-click
fixes the breakage.

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