Re: squid dying: n_files_in_map > max_n_files

From: Lionel Bouton <>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 19:24:46 +0100

Which version of squid, which config and which platform?

post a summary of your squid_conf (remove the comments and your local
IP/FQDN adress if you want your system to remain anonymous) if you want us
to have a look on it.

did the pb happen
- after a change in your squid's config?
- shortly after you installed squid on your system (and not after months of
clean operation)?

what is the average size of the files cached (use cachemgr.cgi, info or
client cache_object://your_cache.your_domain/info to obtain the size of
your cache and the number of files cached ... and a hand-held calculator
for the division :)
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