Redirector vs GetRight 3.1

From: Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira <>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 23:56:32 -0300 (EST)

Dear Guys,

        This one of those 'how do I get squid to work with this piece of
not standard compliant software?' questions.
        The ISP were I work has been using proxy servers since the old
harvest cache. We have been up and running happily in the last 2 years
deploying proxy solutions.
        Redirectors works great specially for those HUGE msie and netscape
        However, a group of users and some external clients have been
complaining about the throughput they are getting using GetRight. They
complained that when using plain browser + squid the speed is wonderful, yet
when using browser + getright (with builtin proxy option) the speed is not
so good. :)
        I verified this myself. Somehow the damn getright is using the proxy
server but is bypassing the redirectors. How is that? If the piece of
software being download is in the proxy cache: cheers; if it should be
handled by a redirector: bad.
        How can this software use the proxy and not be affected by the
redirectors? I am using Squid 1.1.20 + pre-release 1.1.21 patches +
last-resort-patch + retry-connection-patch on FreeBSD 2.2.2 with all patches,
Netscape 4.04 for Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 and GetRight 3.1.
        Any insights?
        Is it possible that the software is making some kind of verification
on the origin of the software and when not satisfied with the response it
justs dumps the proxy and go for direct connections?

                Mario Ferreira

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