Re: Thanking everyone + two more questions

From: Dancer <>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 17:59:28 +1000

Mike wrote:
> I would like to take this opportunity to thank every person who helped
> me out over the last week to get Squid going.
> I am an NT, WAN and LAN person with some experience with Unix.
> Up until this week I had never compiled anything for Unix. With your
> help my frustration was minimised.
> AND I now feel comfortable with the idea of compiling code for Unix, I'm
> much more aware of Unix security and generally know a whole lot more
> about Unix support and design issues.
> Thanks again.

Heh. Soon you will be one of us :)

> Two final questions (until the next challenge that is), first, how do I
> add a route to IP routing that becomes permanent? I just don't seem to
> be able to get the default route on the router to stay. When I restart
> the route is gone. Second, what files (or whatever) do I have to modify
> to get squid to start each time the system is started?
> Does someone have an example? I assume I need to change
> /etc/default/boot?

Probably. Different unix systems have different places and names for
their startup scripts. Have a look through /etc and the directories
underneath it. Don't be afraid to 'grep route *' to see which script
might contain route commands already (but pipe the output through 'less'
or something so that you don't cop a screenfull of junk if you hit a
binary file.

('grep route * | less')

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