Transperant HTTP Redundancy.

From: Chris Keladis <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 11:55:51 +1000

Hi folks,

We have transperant proxy'ing working fine with various Cisco's and Squid in
a test environment.

One thing holding us back from implementing transperant proxy's is
redundancy. We have tried using "set ip next-hop" with multiple "next-hops"
but once the first hop stops responding it doesnt go to the next hop. Even
clearing the ARP tables didnt help.

We *did* however find, if we made the first hop a serial interface of the
Cisco and bought that interface down, it *did* go to the next hop (the
Serial interface being internal to the Cisco).

We are debating using OSPF or IGRP and trying things that way i was just
wondering if anyone else has come up with another method of redundancy on
their Squid proxy servers using Cisco routers?

Thanks, Chris.
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