Win-NT FTP-Server and Squid 1.1.18. Weired Problem

From: sascha schnitzler <>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 19:47:45 +0100 (MET)

Hi !

Since I installed Squid 1.1.18 (Linux 2.0.33) as the only Linux-based Host
in a WinNT dominated Network, something strange is going on :

First of all, when connecting with a WebBrowser to their local FTP-Site
(WinNT) using the Squid-Proxy, Netscape works fine. Using Internet
Exploder, they told me, they don't get the directory-preceeding icons and
some links don't work. Using NO Proxy, BOTH Browsers CAN'T connect to the
FTP-Site. Connecting with Cute-FTP (Win) or NCFTP/FTP works fine.

I'm quite sure this is NOT a squid problem, but since they're using
NETBIOS-Services and this Domain-Stuff WinNT provides, their Admin meant,
it could be a problem with domain-logon. I personaly don't think so, but
maybe I'm wrong.

I know, I can tell Squid not to cache FTP, but I don't want to. Telling
him so, doesn't solve the problem (no connect with a browser).

Any ideas ???
Am I right ? Or is there a possbility, that Squid's the problem for not
beeing able to connect with a browser without using the proxy ?

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