Re: Squid hangs weekly on SUN Ultra

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 11:53:06 +0000

On Mon 30 Mar, 1998, Bruce Campbell <> wrote:
>while true
> sync
> sleep 2

you could also achieve this by tweaking documented Solaris kernel

There are two values, autoup and tune_t_fsflushr. fsflush wakes up
every 5 seconds (changeable with tune_t_fsflushr) and checks a portion of
memory on each invocation ( tune_t_fsflushr / autoup == 5/30ths ).

Recommendations (in Sun Performance and Tuning, Cockroft), on machines
with large amounts of memory, are that you should set autoup to a
larger value ('to a few hundred seconds, if required') so as to reduce
CPU usage of fsflush in the worst cases.

Adding 'set autoup=120' in /etc/system, and rebooting would set it
to a value of 120.

If you want to mimic the shell script version, you'd want to set
autoup to 2. It would be interesting to see the difference between
the approaches.

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