Re: Multiple disk and free space

From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 23:55:44 -0500 (EST)

Every cache_dir entry is the same size. If you have, for example, 10 GB of
total cache_swap, and 5 cache_dir entries, then each cache_dir will be 2
GB. They way to use drives of different size is to place multiple
cache_dir's on each drive so as to make the math work out to fill up all
the drives. Assuming you had two 4.7 GB drives and one 6.4 GB drive in one
machine, you'd set things like this:

cache_swap 15 GB (leaving some space for logs which I'm told aren't
counter by squid when determining if it is at the cache_swap value)

cache_dir /6.4GB/dir1
cache_dir /6.4GB/dir2
cache_dir /6.4GB/dir3
cache_dir /4.7GB-A/dir1
cache_dir /4.7GB-A/dir2
cache_dir /4.7GB-B/dir1
cache_dir /4.7GB-B/dir2

This results in cache_dir's of about 2.14 GB each, and will fill your 4.7
GB drives to 4.28 GB each, and 6.42 GB on your 6.4 GB (which is probably a
bit more than can safely fit, but this is just to give you and idea...).

If you use enough cache_dir's you should be able to get your drives [retty
well balenced in terms of % utilized on each drive.


On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Adam Neat wrote:

> Hello
> We have several proxy servers with 6.4Gb drives in all of them.
> We have up until now stuck with the 6.4Gb (I think its a quantum) drive and now
> we have been given (from a clients recievership) 10 4.7Gb SCSI drives.
> I was wondering whether if I put in a 4.7Gb scsi drive into one of the proxy
> servers with the 6.4Gb ones, it seems that the 4.7Gb fills up and then there is
> still 30% of the 6.4 ready to be used -
> Am I right in assuming that all drives must be of the same size?
> I dont think i've explained this too well.
> Try this: it seems that once the proxy has filled around 4.5Gb of space on ALL
> the drives (both the 4.7's and the 6.4's), it stops filling up the rest of the
> 6.4 gb drives - is this the case or me just being paranoid?
> Regards
> adam
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