Re: transparent cisco configuration

From: Lincoln Dale <>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 10:51:27 +1000

In message <>, Las
zlo Vecsey writes:
>I've read the squid documentation on using IOS route-map, but I wonder if
>its possible to have the cisco itself use a secondary next-hop in case the
>first one fails, and finally just route the traffic conventionally as a
>last resort.

no - this functionality doesn't yet exist in IOS.
... except in the way WCCP works, which is still cisco-proprietary.

you may be able to get it working if you use a route-map to set the
next-hop to a directly-connected address (eg. a /30 network on a
fastethernet which is actually a cross-over connection). if the
interface link layer goes down, the route-map may not even match.

i'm not sure about this, not tested. even so, most cache failures
don't result in the loss of carrier on the NIC - more software


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