Re: If a Parent goes down and up again

From: S. Faruque Ahmed <>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 10:24:11 +0600


I am using a similar configuration.

At 12:31 PM 4/3/98 +0800, Rodel T. Viado wrote:
>hello squidders,
> I have 3 non-icp parents with their echo (7)port enabled, i
>noticed that when a parent goes down (marked as a dead parent), squid
>never seems to check if it is up and running again. Does squid have an
>idle time before it checks if a parent that went down is up and running

What error does the browser return? i.e. what error is squid showing on
the browser?
You should have all the parents listed in the NEIGHBOR SELECTION ALGORITHM
SECTION. If you put "weights' on them, then squid will check them in that
order, moving on to the next parent as the timeout expires (default 2
seconds), otherwise it will seek out the fastest responder. Also make sure
you have the inside_firewall setting to "none" or something suitable, so
that squid dosen't use itself to retrieve web sites.

There is a parent timeout variable in the squid.conf file; neighbor_timeout

> The 3 parents are using high bandwidth download only satellite
>link which unfortunately runs on an NT/Win95 (the card manufacturer does
>not have a driver for unix) which needs frequent reboots. This is the
>reason why I would like squid to recheck a dead parent.

Same here! Only difference with me is that the NT doesn't hang, the card
does! I know this because the proxy running on the NT (Netscape) gives
back the error message that the "site is not reachable, or server may be
down.." message.

>Rodel T. Viado
>Iligan Global Access Network Incorporated

S. Faruque Ahmed
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