Re: Trans Proxying FTP

From: Karl Ferguson <>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 13:09:07 +0800

At 09:40 PM 2/04/98 -0600, Brian wrote:
>> And if your squid server is not your router, you can use a nifty program on
>> the *nix box called transproxy to redirect them to your squid available at
>> - works well.
>This is of course assuming your *nix box is the router correct?

Not at all - let's take the following pictorial to make it easier:

Unix Box 1 Proxy Server Unix Box 2 Unix Box 3

On the Unix boxes, you use firewall software (I use ipfwadm) to redirect
all port 80 requests to whatever port the transproxy daemon is sitting on
(default is 81). The transproxy daemon then converts and redirects all
requests to yor proxy server at whatever port.

If the Router was a Unix Box, then you've got it made - you don't need
transproxy. Simply redirect port 80 to port 3128 and boom.

This stuff is more or less all in the Squid FAQ at:


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