Transparent Proxy

From: Nicolas Gudino <>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 11:23:41 -0300

Hi List,

I was using transparent proxy using ipfwadm and squid with RedHat 4 with no problem, my linux box was acting as a router and it fowarded all packets to port 80 to the squid port.... Now I have upgraded to RedHat 5 and the transparent proxy does not work with the new kernel. I was looking around and found that with transproxy you could do the same. So I installed the package and gave it a try, but after a few hours it stoped working (squid and transproxy were up and running but no request got through. Does anyone have transparent proxy setup with RedHat 5 and/or Transproxy stable enough for a production enviroment? Any info would be great. Thanks,

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