RE: Transparent Proxy

From: Jordan Mendelson <>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 17:11:18 -0500

> I was using transparent proxy using ipfwadm and squid with RedHat
> 4 with no problem, my linux box was acting as a router and it
> fowarded all packets to port 80 to the squid port.... Now I have
> upgraded to RedHat 5 and the transparent proxy does not work with
> the new kernel. I was looking around and found that with
> transproxy you could do the same. So I installed the package and
> gave it a try, but after a few hours it stoped working (squid and
> transproxy were up and running but no request got through. Does
> anyone have transparent proxy setup with RedHat 5 and/or
> Transproxy stable enough for a production enviroment? Any info
> would be great. Thanks,

Transparent proxying broke between 2.0.29 and 2.0.32, install Linux kernel
2.0.33 (RedHat should have an RPM of it or something) and transparent
proxies will work just as they used to.


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