Blatent commercialism (Banner ads)

From: Jacob Suter <>
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 23:26:59 -0600

Ok, I've got an itch to do something... Banner based ISP. Geocities of
the ISPdom. Here in east Texas everyone wants Internet for $8.95 a
month (them: "but in Houston is $8.95" - me: "move to
Houston")... No way here in GTE-land that I can do that. So what my
idea was is banner spamming^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hadvertising on each page.


Add an <IMG SRC="blahblahblah/cgi-bin/rotating-ad-bot-annoyance.cgi"> to
each HTTP and FTP page.


Doesn't look like squid even looks at the html it passes. I thought
about frames but thats too easy to hack around.


absolutly no clue. :)

anyone else thought about this? Was any coding done? Anyone else

Jacob Suter
Intrastellar Internet Service
Received on Sat Apr 04 1998 - 21:19:18 MST

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