Redirecting Web-Request into a 192.168.x.y-Network / M$-Frontpage-Updates

From: sascha schnitzler <>
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 17:11:24 +0200 (MEST)

Hi !

For saving IP-Addresses when Squid is accelerating about 30 public
accessible Webs (using the Host 'httpd_accel_uses_host_header' is not an
option), I thought of redirecting the requests into a 192.168.x.y-Network.

With the machine Squid is running on using 2 network-cards - the first one
aliased with all the official IP-Addresses and the second one is a Gateway
to the local net where squid will find the real servers - I know there has
to be a strict routing table. To do so, it should be guaranteed, that only
the Squid-Box is able to connect into this subnet.

But : Some Webs are updated by clients using M$-Frontpage. Their
originating from our subnet (the official one) so I need to grant them
access to the Webserver in the 192.168.x.y-Network.

My idea is : Since we have only one physical connection to the Internet
using a CISCO, I thought of blocking all outgoing and incoming requests
for the classified network. For beeing more user-friendly, I thougt of
setting up two DNS-Servers, an external and an internal one.

The external DNS only keeps the most nescessary informations about our
web. The internal one holds more information : Even the classified network
is listed there. The users have to use the internal one, since only this
DNS-Server is able to connect to the external DNS, his DNS-GW.

I would like someone neutral to analyse my idea and correcting me / giving
me hints/tips/tricks on problematic issues. So : If you think this
wouldn't work, please write me.

Or do you know of any alternatives ?????

thanks a lot, sascha
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