ADVICE NEEDED: Netscape Proxy Server with Squid Server as a parent

From: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 08:03:27 +1000


I have been a dedicated Unix sys admin for almost 13 years now. Squid Proxy
has been one of my favourite "tools" of the trade. I have been using it at
various sites
(ISPs, schools, large commercial sites, defense sites...). So far, so good!

In order to prevent unnecessary load on Internet (with this message), I
have extensively
searched various databases for a solution. Since I have not found it, I am
politely asking
members of this mailing list for an advice.

This is the scenario: upstream ISP uses Squid Proxy Server. For some
reasons (difficult for
me to explain), the company plans to use Netscape Proxy Server on its side.
Now, I am
not sure how Netscape Proxy Server under Windows/NT works (and could not
find much
useful information on the Net; plus, telephone call and an email message to
 Australia has still not been answered!?), so the question is simple:

   Can a Netscape Proxy Server (or for the sake of brevity, any other
   proxy server) be used with Squid Proxy Server as a parent? In other
words, if
   someone has a Netscape Proxy Server and wants to "delegate" requests to
   a Squid parent server - would it work? Has anyone done it? Is there a

I admit that my knowledge of Windows/NT environment is quite poor (and
luckily, I do not
need to support it).

Quite frankly, I would prefer to continue to use Squid Proxy server at all
sites I support, but alas,
it is not always my decision what to do :)

Thank you for your time to read this message and (maybe) respond to it.

Regards from "down-under" (far away Australia),

Dusan U. Baljevic, Senior Consultant/Unix Systems Manager
CSC Australia,
Member of: ACM, ACS, WIA
Amateur Radio: VK2COT, VK4FCW, YU6FO, YU6ZCW
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