RE: ADVICE NEEDED: Netscape Proxy Server with Squid Server as a parent

From: Chris Keladis <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 09:52:33 +1000

Hi Dusan,

As far as i know no NT applications (barring Squid for NT currently under
development i think :-) ) support ICP.

ICP is the protocol used to "talk" to other cache's. I know MS Proxy Server
2.0 uses another protocol which abbreviation escapes my mind at the moment..
I assume Netscape Proxy server would be compatible with MS Proxy 2.0's
protocol rather than Squid's. (Is it MCP ?)

Your best bet would probably be to find out what is going on the with
development of Squid for WinNT (i've seen a few emails saying it's been
ported but havent really looked at it's availability), and install some
Squids for NT and use ICP between them.

With the addition of Squid for NT, i think Squid is vastly becoming one of
the most configurable, flexible & economical, proxy servers out there, keep
up the great work guys/gals! :-)

Regards, Chris.

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I have been a dedicated Unix sys admin for almost 13 years now. Squid Proxy
has been one of my favourite "tools" of the trade. I have been using it at
various sites
(ISPs, schools, large commercial sites, defense sites...). So far, so good!

In order to prevent unnecessary load on Internet (with this message), I
have extensively
searched various databases for a solution. Since I have not found it, I am
politely asking
members of this mailing list for an advice.

This is the scenario: upstream ISP uses Squid Proxy Server. For some
reasons (difficult for
me to explain), the company plans to use Netscape Proxy Server on its side.
Now, I am
not sure how Netscape Proxy Server under Windows/NT works (and could not
find much
useful information on the Net; plus, telephone call and an email message to
 Australia has still not been answered!?), so the question is simple:

   Can a Netscape Proxy Server (or for the sake of brevity, any other
   proxy server) be used with Squid Proxy Server as a parent? In other
words, if
   someone has a Netscape Proxy Server and wants to "delegate" requests to
   a Squid parent server - would it work? Has anyone done it? Is there a

I admit that my knowledge of Windows/NT environment is quite poor (and
luckily, I do not
need to support it).

Quite frankly, I would prefer to continue to use Squid Proxy server at all
sites I support, but alas,
it is not always my decision what to do :)

Thank you for your time to read this message and (maybe) respond to it.

Regards from "down-under" (far away Australia),

Dusan U. Baljevic, Senior Consultant/Unix Systems Manager
CSC Australia,
Member of: ACM, ACS, WIA
Amateur Radio: VK2COT, VK4FCW, YU6FO, YU6ZCW
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