Re: Micro$oft Authentication

From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 00:01:42 -0400 (EDT)

Just a thought, but perhaps you could hack together a proxy.pac (proxy.pac
is a java script you know) that could take care of the NTLM stuff on the
workstation side. It'd be a pretty lengthy proxy.pac, but you might be
able to get the functionality you need that way.

Not that I've ever tried this, mind you :-) I'm just a big fan of the
proxy.pac system after I discovered many years ago that it relieved me of
a LOT of trouble in terms of browser configs.


On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Jason Haar wrote:

> > I believe if you use an OS with PAM capabilities (Linux or Solaris), you
> > can use a PAM module which will authenticate off an NT server. I've seen
> Won't do I'm afraid. Web-based NTLM authentication means "transparent"
> authentication (under IE 3.0+). When IE sees that it's been asked to do NTLM
> authentication, it sends its cached usercode/password pair (suitably encrypted
> - this is no BASIC scheme!) without even mentioning it to the user. It can do
> this as the user authenticated themselves on the NT domain when they logged
> into their workstation - this cached information is available from then on.
> I've gone as far as getting the squid proxy-auth patch to call the likes of
> smbclient (works well - as it caches too), but it still only supports BASIC
> authentication - i.e. passwords in the clear/etc.
> I'd love to see a "true" NTLM patch for Apache/Squid - but the encryption
> coding required probably puts most people off...
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