Re: Squid vs. Netscape Proxy

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 13:05:00 +0200


> First of all, the 3 servers will be distributed over
> 3 cities linked with OC3 ATM connections. The RFP
> has the following stipulations:

> ?? - Integrated virus scanner
> ?? - Provides extensive content filtering capabilities

I think that to do the above you might have to either build things
on or use one of the commercial squid-type-programs.

Possibly look at ''

> ?? - CARP makes all three servers appear as a single server

hmm - as far as I know CARP is based on a proxy-autoconfig script...
isn't it? I haven't seen any specific settings... and the original
document did it with a hash system in a proxy autoconfig..

> I believe we can sort of simulate CARP using Javascript and
> autoconfiguration PAC files, but it's not so clean.

> Also, can Webtrends understand Squid access logs if they are
> first converted to some other form?


> Also, I need collateral in the form of references. I would love
> to be able to say "UUnet, Netcom, and BBN Planet all use
> Squid for proxy servers." The customer (Turkish Telekom) will
> respond well to that.

South African people:

The Internet Solution (that's us)
Internet Africa
Uninet (South Africa's University network -

Other places of note:
and I quote from their page:
"Please note that Squid is currently the market leader, and is the only
software we would recommend for JANET sites or departments wishing to set up
their own institutional cache server."


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