Re: multiple entries for the same file in the cache_swap_log file

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 09:54:20 -0600

Andre Albsmeier writes:

>OK, know I figured out how to interpret the lines from the
>cache_swap_log file (the first entry contains the coded path of
>the file containing the object), I wonder what these entries mean:
>00000020 3518b622 fffffffe 35182ed8 3401
>00000020 351a2042 fffffffe 34c257cb 682
>00000020 35376a75 fffffffe 34c27624 786
>00000020 35376e2a fffffffe 3527e9fb 10381
>This would mean that the file resides in 00/02/00000020 when
>16 and 256 directories are used.
>But of course there is only one URL for which the file is valid,
>in this case it is the last:
>root@curry:/usr/local/squid/cache>ll 00/02/00000020
>-rw-r--r-- 1 squid sys 10381 Apr 17 16:58 00/02/00000020
>So my question: How does it come that there are multpile
>entries pointing to the same location?

Swap file numbers get reused, for example, when old objects are removed or when
an object gets updated with new content.

When squid exits cleanly, the "storeWriteCleanLogs" function rewrites that file
such that there are no duplications.

Duane W.
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