Re: ACL ban list ?...

From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 08:45:32 +0200

>>Use a redirector. See the documentation for a discussion on how they
>I would be interested in hearing of any out-of-the-ordinary (ie, URL
>re-writing to take advantage of mirrors) uses of the redirector facility,
>and how it's working for people.
>We currently have a custom written proxy that does a number of checks on
>each URL ("child-safety" settings, time controls, etc.) based on the user
>accessing the URL. At first glance I think it would be necessary to modify
>squid to pass a bit more information to the redirector, but that shouldn't
>be a major task.

What more info would you like to see?

I'm started using squirm as a redirector and I'm very impressed with it.
Also the performance (it's C) is very nice. (

Marc van Selm
NATO C3 Agency
Communication Systems Division, A-Branch
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