RE: Advice on a HUGE configuration: !!!+800 Hits/sec!!!.

From: Jordan Mendelson <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 12:59:22 -0400

> Hi squidders,
> We need some kind of advice, because a customer has requested us a big
> behemoth of Squid configuration. They requested a configuration capable
> of handling +800Hits/second on peak times.

The best thing to do for something which requires this much load is either:

a) Go non-intel.. Alpha's are much better suited for higher loads. You can
buy one from if you want to go straight to the
source, however I'd recommend a place which has Linux or FreeBSD
preinstalled on it. has a list of
different vendors. Not sure who puts FreeBSD on hardware though.

b) Go with multiple machines and distribute the load.


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