Re: Squid byte-count reporting...

From: lincoln dale <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 09:18:28 +1000

In message <>, Mic
hael Pelletier writes:
>It appears that Squid only increments its byte count when the object has
>finished transferring. This is noticable when graphing the bytes using
>MRTG when large objects are transferred.

yes - this is the way squid does it.

i submitted a patch to squid 1.2 to duane to change this behaviour, a
few months back. haven't checked to see if its in there - but the
patch is fairly trivial.

the whole byte-reporting in squid 1.2 is very very different to 1.1.
in 1.1, it wasn't so apparent to work out your 'cache savings'. it is
very clear in 1.2.

if you're looking for adventure, you may want to try patching it in yourself.
the patches are at


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