Squid as Web SERVER (for .pac files)?

From: Michael Ferioli <ferioli@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 12:53:03 +0300

Ok, my users are all using Netscape Proxy Server at the
moment. I want to move them all to Squid, but I DO NOT
want to have them reconfigure their browser. Now,
unfortunately, I took Netscape's recommendation and
put the pac file port the same as the proxy.

In other words, the autoconfig is on proxy.comnet.com.tr:8080
and the proxies themselves are ALSO on :8080. This
presents a problem for squid.

Why can't Squid deliver a .pac file? Why do I need to use
some other web server? Because of this, I have no
way of migrating my users seemlessly.

Anyone have any bright ideas?


Michael Ferioli ferioli@comnet.net.tr
Comnet A.S. http://www.comnet.net.tr
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