Announcing: "Hit-N-Miss" Web Caching Newsletter

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 17:22:32 -0600

Greetings Web Cachers--

We've been thinking recently that our community might benefit from a
periodic moderated/edited newsletter-type publication for Web caching.
Therefore, we will be putting out a bi-weekly newsletter entitled
Hit-N-Miss. Content for this newsletter will rely almost exclusively
on submissions from you---the administrators, developers, and
researchers, and others involved in Web caching technologies.

Possible submission topics include:

        Product announcements
        Product reviews
        Conference/workshop announcements
        Recently published papers
        Press releases
        Job postings
        Well-written, short articles or editorials

You might be thinking "Great, another mailing list!". True, we will be
distributing the newsletter via an email list (as well as HTML versions
online). However, this is a moderated list with high-quality content,
and issues will only be sent every two weeks (at least initially).

More information (but not much more yet!) can be found at

To subscribe, write to:

To submit something for the first issue, write to:

Duane W.
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