ICP queries & fetches not appearing in logs

From: Evaghelos Tsiotsios <etsiot@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 11:17:42 +0300

Hi all,

We have installed a Squid cache on a Linux 2.0.33 box for quite some
time and it runs really smoothly. We upgraded last week from 1.1.20 to
More than 1 month ago we connected our cache hierarchically to 3 bigger
caches at our ISP's network with the configuration appearing below. The
configuration seems to works OK since most of the Web traffic now comes
from the ISP's caches.
The question is now: Why are ICP queries and fetches *not* shown in the
logs although we do know that the fetches are effected from these
Is there some misconfiguration that potentially affects performance?

Thanks a lot and cheers,


excerpt from squid.conf
http_port 8080
icp_port 3130

cache_host parent 8080 3130
cache_host parent 8080 3130
cache_host parent 8080 3130

neighbor_timeout 5

hierarchy_stoplist cgi-bin ?

cache_stoplist cgi-bin
cache_stoplist %

emulate_httpd_log off

acl all src
icp_access allow all

log_icp_queries on
query_icmp off
icp_hit_stale off
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