squid and memory!!!!

From: Andrew Specht <andrew@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 11:48:02 +1000


I am running squid on a freebsd machine with 256Meg of Ram and a 14 gig
Now squid is using a hell of a lot of Ram, plus 100Meg of my swap space. It
seems that the cache doesn't want to go past the 8 Gig mark. Messages log
gave me this msg:

May 12 06:19:57 aphrodite squid[158]: WARNING: All 716800 swap files are in
May 12 06:19:57 aphrodite squid[158]: You should probably use a
lower value for
May 12 06:19:57 aphrodite squid[158]: 'store_avg_object_size' in

Now i have done what it says, but it still won't go higher than that. Would
it be better if I added another 256 Meg of Ram?? Or would i still have the
same problem??

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance :)

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