Re: squid and memory!!!!

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 09:52:31 -0600

"Andrew Specht" writes:

>I am running squid on a freebsd machine with 256Meg of Ram and a 14 gig
>Now squid is using a hell of a lot of Ram, plus 100Meg of my swap space. It
>seems that the cache doesn't want to go past the 8 Gig mark. Messages log
>gave me this msg:
>May 12 06:19:57 aphrodite squid[158]: WARNING: All 716800 swap files are in
>May 12 06:19:57 aphrodite squid[158]: You should probably use a
>lower value for
>May 12 06:19:57 aphrodite squid[158]: 'store_avg_object_size' in

If you've configured 14 GB of cache space, and your average object
size is 13 KB, then you should have 2153846 swap file numbers,
not 716800 as your cache.log output says.

How about if you tell us:

        * your squid version
        * your 'cache_dir' and 'cache_swap' configuration values
        * your 'store_avg_object_size' configuration value

Duane W.
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