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Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 08:56:31 +0300


We noticed that one of our users tried to write instead of her full name instead
of the required user name into the proxy authentication dialog box and the
whole Squid process core dumped immeadiately. We checked the core dump and
figured out that the user had skandic letters in her name and Squid was
unable to handle them. The problem was fixed (and in no proper way I think
as I'm currently investigating another strange core dump) by changing the
file 'src/client_side.c' line 174 the following way:


s = strstr(sent_user, ":");
*s = '\0'; s++


s = strstr(sent_user, ":");
if (s) {
    *s = '\0'; s++;
} else

Tomi Orava

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