From: shigeru & <matumoto@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 15 May 98 11:07:19 +0900

Hi everyone!! I'm using Squid1.1.20 on SUN Solaris2.5.1, and
parent proxy is Netscape Proxy 2.5.3.

I'm having a problem that session towards parent proxy is abruptly
To analyze this I set "debug_options ALL,9" on squid.conf.
And I narrowed down the cause, that was "broken pipe".
But I have no idea why this happens and how to solve this problem.

Does anyone have the same problem? or does anyone think inconsistency
between Squid1.1.20 and Netscape Proxy2.5.3?

> 1998/05/12 11:48:24| connect: (32) Broken pipe.
> 1998/05/12 11:48:24| commRetryConnect not supported
> 1998/05/12 11:48:24| ERR_CONNECT_FAIL:

and then

>1998/05/12 11:48:24| TCP connection to proxy.hq.sony.co.jp/10080 failed

after 30 seconds, session is recovered

>1998/05/12 11:48:54| TCP connection to proxy.hq.sony.co.jp/10080 succeeded

Thanks in advence!

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