Re: Hands up for the ISPs using Squid

From: Dancer <>
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 09:44:24 +1000

I am responsible for more caches than just the half-dozen that Brisnet
have. All of 'em are squid. I'll just mention the biggest single setup,
soon to become just one of two around that size..

a) Requests: ~400,000 Cache-Hits: ~70% (number of requests increasing.
Only about 15% of the customers are connected yet)
b) 2200MB
c) Hard to tell. A few hundred at times.
d) 64GB

Armistead, Jason wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm curious as to how many ISPs are using Squid, and their approximate
> user-base size. It would seem to be THE caching software of choice for most
> ISPs and universities (and non-BGinc brainwashed companies too).
> Given the fact that most ISPs are naturally a bit coy about sharing the size
> of their clientele with others for commercial reasons, if revealing your
> user population is too sensitive, I would be happy to know
> a) Average number of hits per day.
> b) Average number of MB per day
> OR (for those with less inhibitions)
> c) Number of CONCURRENT users accessing squid
> d) How big a cache you are operating (GB)
> I've seen a lot of ISP signatures attached to e-mail messages on the list,
> and hence this question. Certainly in Australia, I've seen a lot of our
> local ISPs with their names on messages on this list
> Regards
> Jason

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