Re: 1.2b20 and memory

From: Dancer <>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 19:20:33 +1000

Karl Ferguson wrote:
> Howdy.
> I upgraded from 1.NOVM.21 to 1.2b20 on a test machine to basically try to
> see if performance increased and install it system wide... However, I
> notice it's using around 70meg of ram for only 630meg of cache; that's
> like a 1:9 ratio (and no, at the moment there's hardly anything being
> transferred).
> <grin> My question - is there a NOVM version? :-) (1.NOVM.21 used to sit
> on around 40-60meg usage on a 3.5gig cache) That machine has 128meg of ram
> and if it's that a bad ratio of memory then I'll run out before I each
> 5gig. Intersting enough, I've set cache_mem to 50 meg and turned off
> memory pooling.

squid 1.2 is it's own NOVM version. I'll grant that the memory usage
looks about right. Probably most of it is due to the enormous size of
your cache_mem setting.

> I notice from the cachemgr output that there's around 40meg for the "Store
> Mem Buffer" allocated so I gather that that's where it's all gone to.

See 'cache_mem'.

> Any ideas appreciated (apart from adding more ram and going back to 1.NOVM
> that is :-)
> Regards
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