1.2b20 and memory

From: Karl Ferguson <karl@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 09:28:05 +0800


I upgraded from 1.NOVM.21 to 1.2b20 on a test machine to basically try to
see if performance increased and install it system wide... However, I
notice it's using around 70meg of ram for only 630meg of cache; that's
like a 1:9 ratio (and no, at the moment there's hardly anything being

<grin> My question - is there a NOVM version? :-) (1.NOVM.21 used to sit
on around 40-60meg usage on a 3.5gig cache) That machine has 128meg of ram
and if it's that a bad ratio of memory then I'll run out before I each
5gig. Intersting enough, I've set cache_mem to 50 meg and turned off
memory pooling.

I notice from the cachemgr output that there's around 40meg for the "Store
Mem Buffer" allocated so I gather that that's where it's all gone to.

Any ideas appreciated (apart from adding more ram and going back to 1.NOVM
that is :-)


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