Re: Peering with 1.2b20 (Cont.)

From: Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira <>
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 21:02:27 -0300 (EST)

> Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira wrote:
> > acl peers srcdomain
> > acl neighbors srcdomain
> These should use src ACL and not srcdomain. The src domain accepts FQDN
> names as well as dotted IP even if squid.conf does not mention it.
> srcdomain works in a slightly different way and the intended use is when
> you want to give a whole domain certain rights/restrictions. Here squid
> does a reverse lookup of the known IP and then maches the returned
> domainname.

        I see. My mistake. Thanks a lot for your help. :)
        As a suggestion, this could be placed on the FAQ on working with
ACLs: 'Differences with src and srcdomain/Common Mistakes'.
        By the way, one question on parents and siblings. How do I have
squid 1.2 checking the siblings before it checks the parents?
        If it can't be done, can I configure a parent which will
never be asked for misses? Let me clarify it, how do I tell the
proxy-parent-client to never ask for misses even though it is contacting a
parent? With ACLs?
        I need this because I have 2 proxy servers on the same LAN working side
by side mainly with Super Proxy Scripts. However, some clients are not using
them with .PAC, so I have them in a RoundRobin manner to defeat this.
        However, if I don't have the proxies checking each other before
going to the Internet (Upstream Proxies), I will have too much undesired
        Any thoughts?

        Thanks again,
                Mario Ferreira
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