Re: Connect_retry in 1.1.21

From: Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira <>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 03:08:00 -0300

> But strangely, the same site that gets treated this way is handled
> at most other times. Thats the strange part, this error appears
> inconsistent. Would appreciate any pointers on what to do.

 No ideas there. Sorry. Somebody else?
> Just a related question, is the connect-retry fix implemented in Squid
> 1.1.21? If not, would this fix the problem mentioned above? How would I
> patch it into 1.1.21?

  Go for and try the
connect-retry patch. Although made against 1.1.20, it works right out of
the box with 1.1.21. The connect-retry was left out because no major
changes will be done in the 1.1 distribution, yet it is implemented in 1.2.
  However, I don't think this patch has anything to do with your DNS
related problem. IMHO
  If you need help on how to apply the patch, try the FAQ at (2.9 How do I apply a
patch or a diff?).

        Mario Ferreira

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