Re: How many redirectors to spawn?

From: Dancer <>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 20:55:33 +1000

It depends (IMO) on how long your redirector takes to process an
individual URL. Mine takes <7ms, for example, and I use two. Number two
doesn't get hit terribly frequently. (<5%)

If you've got a multi-processor system, you can go nuts and run one for
every CPU in the box. It's fun. Trust me.

Essentially the use of multiples is to spread the queue of waiting URLs
from squid and distribute that queue a little. It takes the load off
some. When all your redirectors fill up, I _think_ you will get blocking
on requests.


Simon Rainey wrote:
> This is probably a dumb question but I'll ask it all the same. I've written
> a Squid redirector in C to block porn. The ever-increasing list of banned
> sites currently runs to 160kB (8700 lines) and the redirector loads this
> into memory at start-up.
> What are the benefits of spawning more than one redirector process given
> that the host has a single CPU? If I spawn more than one then Squid does
> use them all, but the second is hit about 10% of the time while the fifth
> is down below 1%.
> Thanks for any input.
> Simon.
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