RE: Round robin parents get the same URL

From: ADELINE E InfoEmiAsp <>
Date: 27 May 1998 19:15:00 +0200

Ok for the definition of "round robin".
But from an user point of view, there has been only one request.
Fromy previous example, I entered only once the URL http:
But in the access log file, the URL appeared twice!!!
And worse, the 2 parents (non-ICP, but UDP echo) did the same work almost in

Therefore, I think I missed something very big in the config file !!!! But
what ?

Again thanks in advance.


FYI: the 2 non ICP parents are Integralis Websweeper proxies.

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ADELINE E InfoEmiAsp writes:

>I must be missing something.. .
>When I remove the "no-query" option, the round robin selection stops (OK I
>understand) but Squid still sends the same URL query to the 2 parents (I don't

>Is there someone with a Squid configured with several non ICP parents facing
>the same behavior?
>In other words, is it "normal" for Squid to send exactly the same request to
>several parents?
>Here is a new excerpt from the access.log:
>896267803.153 3648 TCP_MISS/302 84 GET http:
>//squidexterne/test/nsps35.tar.gz X007178 FIRST_PARENT_MISS/pcnt -
>896267976.495 3830 TCP_MISS/302 85 GET http:
>//squidexterne/test/nsps35.tar.gz X007178 FIRST_PARENT_MISS/pcnt2 -

This is the definition of "round robin". The first request,
no matter what it is, goes to the first parent. The second
request goes to the second parent. The third request goes
to the first parent, etc...

It sounds like you want a hash-based selection, which Squid doesn't
currently have.

Duane W.
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