Re: squid as relay, or plug-gw (fwd)

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 04:08:40 +0200

Ricardo Kleemann wrote:

> plug-gw was suggested but it may not be ideal since it runs off
> inetd.

This very much depends on you inetd, and how many requests/second you
are going to serve (but since it is a CGI I guess it can't be that

The problem with inetd is that it counts how often it spawns a service,
and if spawned to often then it assumes that the service is
malfunctioning and disables it (Linux defaults to 40 requests/minute).

Some versions of inetd allows you to specify a the limit, to allow
frequently used services.

Example linux netkit inetd.conf entry, allowing 10000 request/minute.

cgi-plug stream wait.10000 nowait nobody /usr/sbin/plug-gw cgi-plug
(not sure how you call plug-gw. It has been more than a year since I
used it)

> Someone else mentioned tcpserver, and I'm confused as to
> whether tcpserver would work for what I need.

Maybe it is a "replacement" for inetd, without limits?

> Now I'm also hearing about masquerading...

Not relevant for you. You are confusing people when you say that you
want a transparent proxy, and they think about a different kind of

You want to transparently move a server to a different location, without
clients knowing about it.

> I'm still confused. ;)

You are not alone ;-)

> Can someone point me in the right direction?

Start with plug-gw, and work from there. If your inetd can't be tuned to
allow enought requests/second, or if plug-gw does to much then look for
other alternatives. If you can't find any then shout and I'll write one
for you (it's only a couple of minutes job to do, but there is no point
in doing it if it is already done).

Henrik Nordström
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