RE: Cache protocol

From: Kamiski Nicolas <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 16:26:00 +0200

You clarify my mind : ).
In fact, there is three cache Protocol in Squid in near futur: Htcp,
Cache Digest, and ICP. (NetDB is part of the cache selection algorithm).
I understand htcp will replace icp. And cache digest is a different way
to do caching.

Am I truth?

Nicolas Kamiski.

PS : Actually I use ICP and it work fine.
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> Ok for the Carp, I am not interesting in.
> I know ICP, I read the FAQ on Cache Digest, but what is NetDB

        Squid used to build a "database" with round trip times (RTTs)
from the cache
        box to origin servers and peers. The database was stored locally
and used to
        specify corresponding RTT in ICP replies. Squid then could
choose a peer that
        was the closest to the origin server, minimizing retrieval time.

        Recent version of Squid exchange these databases. This exchange
allows for
        fresh RTTs from peers to be available even if ICP is disabled or
is not
        activated often.

        NetDB exchange support is "experimental".

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