RE: Answer to WINS/DNS querying

From: Kulagowski, Robert CPT <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 19:14:00 +0900

Sure, here's how I did it:

On the NT box, I installed Microsoft DNS. If you don't already have it
running, then plop in the NT Server CD, go to Start/Control
Panel/Network/Services/Add and install the DNS stuff. Reboot the box when
it tells you to. After you've restarted, do Start/Programs/Administrative
Tools/DNS Manager.

Add a new server. I used I then added a new zone called and a reverse zone called In each zone
I added the actual IP address of the host running the DNS. After that do a
right-click/Properties. In the "forward" zone click on WINS and select Use
WINS resolution and put in the address of your WINS server. In the reverse
zone right-click/Properties and you'll see WINS-reverse. Click Use WINS for
Reverse and the "DNS domain name" will be your domain; mine is Reboot.

Although I made the DNS a primary, it's not being advertised from the main
nameservers, so I'll be blocking any external name queries other than ones
from the squid box because I don't want to be an authoritative NS for the domain!

That was it. On the squid.conf side I used the dns_nameservers line to
point at the MS DNS and the named running on the squid box. Once the
WINS/DNS comes up after the NT reboot (check the event log and make sure
it's running) I did a /usr/sbin/squid -k reconfigure and presto! My
access.log file now has NetBIOS machine names as the requesting client. You
might want to check the cachemgr.cgi script and look at the DNS child
utilization to make sure that you've got enough DNS children running. If
every DNS child has had at least 1 access, then I'd consider spawning more
dns_children in squid.conf to make sure squid doesn't block waiting for a
WINS name to get resolved.

That was it.

> Would love to know a little more on how you went on to configure squid, to
> tell you this.
> Very interesting.
> Care to share some knowledge. Think I need to nail these users buds to the
> floor on how/where they visit the web.
> Thanx in advance.
> PS: As much detail as possible. Would be fine .. =l:0)
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